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Paper Casting With Tissues
It is best to put one tissue down first, Then mist it with a water bottle.
Then put two more down on top of the fine coating of water and gently
push the tissue into the crevesses of the mold, stamp or what ever you
are using.
Then alternate
Two tissues,
Push into mold,
Two tissues,
Push into mold,
Over and over again until you have the thickness you want.

Here is a goody for those of you like me that can't wait to see the
results. They do seem to get nicer if you wait til they dry naturally.
But, Here is a quick fix. I rip of the edges while the paper is still
in the mold and then pop it out of the mold carefully not disturbing the
design and place it in the microwave face up for one minute, open the door
and pick it up (carefully it's hot) Let the moisture vent a little and then
put it back in for another minute. Ta Da Thats all it takes to
dry the paper casting.
You can do this with cookie molds, candy molds, charms, deeply etched
rubber stamps, and you can make your own molds with polymer clay.
Have fun,

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